Latest Products

We are now making a varied range of products from Gluten Free Crackers to Indian Samosa’s to high protein bars made with cricket flour. 

Mister Free’d 

We make guilt-free, craveable snacks made with simple, natural ingredients. They are hand-baked with natural ingredients and no added nasties because we believe that gluten-freefood should also be good for your, no compromise!


Fairfull produces natural wholesome food inspired by different cultures, and uses profits to fuel life-changing projects around the world. Their Baked Veggie Samosa is natural, bursting with flavour, and profits are used to fuel health projects in India – specifically, Fairfull helps expectant mothers in Indian slums carry healthy babies by providing nutrition and education during pregnancy.


Yumpa is free from gluten, dairy, soya and sulphites with no added sugar or sweeteners – and it is high in fibre, clean label and paleo friendly.

Sweet Nothing Snacks 

We use 100% natural ingredients! The sweetness comes only from the fruits of the earth, and our other ingredients include gluten-free oats, apples, dates, butter, coconut, eggs, nuts, oils. Nutritious and tasty, you’ll keep that energy flowing, safe in the knowledge that you’re free from the perils of processed sugars.